Why Mighty Office?

Mighty Office takes all the information on your locations from your various systems and puts it at your staff’s fingertips, wherever they are.

It runs on your staff’s own mobile devices while ensuring compliance with the strict security standards of global corporations.

You can include any type of company-specific information or service, connecting it also to services from external providers such as private transportation, fitness centers, restaurants ...

Mighty Office is lean, fast and adapts to your company’s processes

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Mighty Office is already used by our clients …

  • to navigate staff to locations (offices, delivery locations, POPs, antennas), allowing them to add valuable information such as photos, documents or access details
  • to book company resources like meeting rooms, transport services, parking spaces, shuttle services, car rentals or to arrange trip sharing
  • to share location-based information amongst staff such as acceptance points, special deals or other company-specific benefits
  • to maintain infrastructure thanks to feedback from employees about the state of remote locations and possible defects of equipment
  • as an internal social, enabling networking and get-togethers at or after work

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Use Cases


Privacy and security first

Privacy and security have been at the heart of the design of Mighty-Office from day one. Not only requirements of large companies are met we have even passed one of the harshest security tests in Europe.

Information at your fingertips - when and where you really need it

Upload and read information about your current location, access relevant documentation and share with your colleagues. Find video conference facilities, canteens, menus and other useful information.

Use your private Smartphone

Mighty-Office runs on private Smartphones. With this design paradigm companies can roll out services in no time.

Find offices worldwide

Find closest office, without searching somewhere deep in the intranet. Via crowd-feedback all your employees feed back and improve data quality.

Get urgent warnings right on your Smartphone

Subscribe to locations as favourites. Not only can you access them faster, but also get urgent warnings via push notification on your smartphone.

Find colleagues in your vicinity

With CoffeeRadar you connect to your colleagues on the fly, without revealing your exact location. You control the contact data that you publish.

Integration with the real world

Open electronic doors (e.g. meeting rooms), book a hot desk while on the road, check-in to company events via QR code, iBeacon or NFC tag.

Find activities from colleagues

ActivityRadar reveals sports events from and for colleagues. Last minute information from the organiser can be pushed to the participants.


Save the company money, using TripShareRadar. It automatically matches future business trips and offers sharing a trip among colleagues.

Company internal social network built in

With the NewsRadar colleagues can easily and immediately share question, information, polls etc.

You want to use Mighty-Office for your company?

Then leave us your Email Address. As soon as enough colleagues are here we will talk to your company's departments (HR, Shared Services, etc.) about a possible use.